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Podcast 007: In-Situ Simulation and Debriefing

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In-situ simulation was long thought to be the place where simulation had to take place if you weren’t lucky enough to have a dedicated center. It is often fraught with the difficulties of scheduling at inconvenient times for the learners and the frequency of last-minute cancellations based on shifting space and learner availabilities. There are also several key safety considerations with the blending of real and simulated equipment.

However, there has also been emerging recognition of the true value of in-situ simulation in the training of clinical providers in their own environment, with their own teams, and in their own systems. It allows for a more formal evaluation of space, equipment, and systems, including the discovery of latent patient safety threats.

In this podcast, Dr. Glenn Posner of the University of Ottawa introduces us to their program of hospital-wide in-situ simulation, and specific debriefing considerations relating to an in-situ program.

Glenn Posner

Glenn Posner

Dr. Glenn Posner is an Associate Professor and clinician educator in the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Ottawa.  He is the inaugural medical director of the Simulation Patient Safety Program at The Ottawa Hospital, and the medical director of the University of Ottawa Skills and Simulation Centre.
Glenn Posner

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