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Podcast 005: Clinical Debriefing

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In this episode, Jen Arnold (@JenArnoldMD) shares her experiences with implementing a clinical debriefing program, with foundational elements drawn from the local simulation program. Challenges and practical tips are provided for those looking to integrate debriefing as part of clinical care.  Recent articles by Kessler et al1 and Mullan et al2 provide further detail on how to achieve success with clinical debriefing programs.


Kessler D, Cheng A, Mullan P. Debriefing in the emergency department after clinical events: a practical guide. Ann Emerg Med. 2015;65(6):690-698. [PubMed]
Mullan P, Kessler D, Cheng A. Educational opportunities with postevent debriefing. JAMA. 2014;312(22):2333-2334. [PubMed]
Adam Cheng

Adam Cheng

Director, Research and Development at the KidSIM-ASPIRE Simulation Research Program, University of Calgary
Adam Cheng is a Pediatric Emergency Doctor at Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary, Canada. As a clinician scientist in the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute, Adam conducts research focusing on cardiac arrest, CPR quality and debriefing. He helped to co-found the Debrief2Learn website.
Adam Cheng
Jen Arnold
Jennifer Arnold, MD is currently an attending neonatologist at Baylor College of Medicine and Medical Director of the Simulation Centre at Texas Children’s Hospital. She is an experienced medical educator, healthcare advocate and simulation researcher with a passion for delivering high quality patient care through innovation, technology and effective debriefing.
Jen Arnold

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